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Creating a Forum for Community Dialogue and Action in Japan

After leaving the APADRC as Program Director and arriving in Tokyo this past August, time has been peeling away as I’ve acclimated.  There has been so much to learn: new cultural norms, language, re-establishing a routine, growing familiar with the

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Exit Stage Left – from the U.S. to Japan

by Charles Chang, APADRC Executive Director After ten months as APADRC’s Program Director, Claire Doran will be journeying to Japan to enter the Rotary Peace Fellowship and attend a graduate program.  Claire brought her worldly experience and conflict studies knowledge

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This Fall, Get Trained in Basic Mediation and Conflict Resolution!

Trying to navigate conflicts at the workplace and in your personal life?  Do you struggle with speaking your mind and being heard without offending others? Join the APADRC for our fall Basic Mediation and Conflict Resolution training!  Sign up before our

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Introducing our 2013 Summer Interns

by Dominik Onate We’re so excited to have our new team of conflict resolution specialists. Joining us this summer in the Community & Intergroup Conflicts program are Nick (Mandarin), Peter (Korean), Sharon (Korean), Grace (Korean), Mei (Cantonese), Andy (Mandarin), Joann

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“It was just a joke!” – Planning Pranks for April 1st

This month kicked off, as it does every year, with a flurry of practical jokes and pranks to celebrate April Fool’s day. As tech giants kicked in with their newest pranks in the spirit, many more participated in their own

The APADRC and LDIR Workshop on Strategies to Manage Conflict

The APADRC and Leadership for Development in Interethnic Relations (LDIR) will be co-hosting this 4 hour workshop on Friday, May 24 at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center’s Community Room from 8:30 AM -12:30 PM. Come join us in engaging

Stepping Into Conflict

By Claire Doran, Program Director Most days, I speak about peace. Today, I want to speak about conflict.  Peace is not an escape from conflict, but the willingness to move into conflict.  John Paul Lederach gives a simple definition for

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Helping Day Laborers Recover Wages

By Julia Blandon, Conflict Resolution Specialist It is early morning and the sun is rising. The usual city noises are drowned in silence. You get into your vehicle and head to work. You arrive. Today you will be working on

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Communication Courtship: 6 Tips to Set the Scene

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s day with a romantic partner or celebrating Singles Awareness Day with your friends, create the time, space and mood to reconnect and make conversation a priority. The New York Times article “The End of Courtship?” insinuates that

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UC Berkeley Winter Externship Reflection: Choosing a Career in Conflict Resolution

by Tiffany Hoang, 2013 UC Berkeley Winter Extern. One doesn’t expect the work of four days to yield very visible results. Though when it comes to externing with the Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center (APADRC), I feel I have grown

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