Restorative Justice Program Coordinator

Jerrod Butler
Restorative Justice Program Coordinator

Jerrod Butler currently serves as the Restorative Justice Program Manager at the Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center (APADRC). Mr. Butler initially joined the APADRC in early 2018 as a Restorative Justice Fellow after completing an internship with the APADRC. After his fellowship, Mr. Butler was offered a formal staff position as the new Restorative Justice Program Coordinator, where he oversaw the development, implementation, and outreach of the APADRC’s Restorative Justice Program.

Prior to Mr. Butler’s promotion as Restorative Justice Program Manager, he also helped establish the APADRC’s Peer Mediation Program and has built great relationships with numerous school districts in the San Gabriel Valley and greater Los Angeles County. Mr. Butler currently supervises all Restorative Justice mediation and conference sessions, and prides himself on his ability to work collaboratively with APADRC staff, interns, and volunteers.

In addition to Restorative Justice Programs, Mr. Butler has helped design and organize Conflict Resolution Programs for other agencies and organization such as courts, police departments, juvenile centers, and social service agencies. Mr. Butler’s goal is to help improve human relations by addressing cross-cultural community conflicts and their causes through collaboration with community partners, and is dedicated to serving traditionally underserved and underrepresented individuals in order to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Mr. Butler is a native of Los Angeles, CA and is determined to help transform the lives of our youth by training them in the aspects of peace-building, restorative practices, and conflict resolution. He is an advocate for feminist rights, and the LGBTQ community and earned his Associate’s of Arts Degree in Health and Fitness from Los Angeles Harbor College in 2015, and his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Negotiations, Conflict Resolution and Peace-building with Honors from California State University Dominquez-Hills in 2018. Mr. Butler is a wonderful and devoted husband and father of two beautiful children. He is highly motivated in helping underprivileged youth find their leadership abilities through conflict resolution.