Month: December 2012

6 New Years’ Resolutions for Mediators and Peacemakers for Community/Partner/Self Care

By Claire Doran Working at a non-profit community mediation organization, I welcomed the winter holidays with relief and exhaustion. After holiday parties and requests for donations, after the last intern left the office for winter break, I finally had a

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Boys Don’t Cry

By Charles Chang I found myself crying as I heard different words hurled at me on the bus. Words such as “Chink,” “Jap,” and “Gook,” were used by the other kids because they thought it might hurt me. They probably

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Free Online Conflict Resolution Class

We are offering a free online conflict resolution class that goes along with our new peer mediation curriculum. You can learn how to start a peer mediation program at your school. The class is designed for school teachers, administrators and nonprofit staff

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Kindness and Giving During the Holidays

By Charles Chang During this time of year, most people think about all the things that they are grateful for. For many, it is knowing that the people they love and care about are safe and sound. For others, it’s

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