What Does Your Donation Support?

  1. $25 allows us to waive the fee of a low-income client so they can receive our mediation service for free.
  2. For $100, we can provide a conflict resolution training to a school or nonprofit organization for one hour.
  3. For $500, we can offer a scholarship to a student who needs help affording the tuition and costs of attending a university.
  4. For $1,000, we can run our peer mediation program in a school or waive 50% to 100% of the cost for a couple to go through divorce mediation.


With the current economic downturn many of our clients face more difficulty and stress, resulting in increased conflicts in the home and community. We have seen a 16% increase in housing/family/divorce cases and a 24% increase in consumer/merchant debt cases.

Amazon Smile

You can also donate using Amazon Smile.  By using this link, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to the Asian American Dispute Resolution Center. For more information about Amazon.Smile click here.

Your financial support allows us both to continue providing support at our current level, and also allows us to keep up with the increasing demand for mediation services from low-income clients during one of the worst economic times during American history.

  • We are the only organization in the country that specializes in providing mediation and conflict resolution services to the diverse, multi-lingual, low-income Asian/Pacific Islander community.
  • About 60% of our calls come from Asian/Pacific Islanders who are too poor to afford an attorney, and who can’t get help from other mediation centers because they don’t have the language capacity. We are often their last and only resort to resolving to their problem.
  • We provide mediation services in many Asian languages including Korean, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Thai, Hindi, and Urdu as well as English and Spanish. No other mediation center in the country has this type of language capacity.

Success & Service

  • Our school-based peer mediation program keeps students in school by keeping them from being suspended and expelled. We have helped to reduce suspension rates in schools by 25% to 50%.
  • We currently train about 100 students in two highs schools and two middle schools to be peer mediators who help their fellow students resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. These 100 mediators are available to the approximately total 8,000 students that attend these four schools. Over 550 students each year are helped with issues like bullying, rumors, name calling, respect, and boyfriend/girlfriend conflicts.
  • We work in schools with diverse populations, about 60% Latino, 22% African American, 10% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 8% other.
  • Besides serving the Asian/Pacific Islander community, we have had great success serving the Latino community, particularly working with day laborers. We mediate work and wage issues between contractors and day laborers and help them find a fair settlement.
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