Thank You to Our Summer 2019 Interns!

Thank You to Our Summer 2019 Interns!

Thank you to our hardworking interns and volunteers for joining our team this summer! It has been amazing working and growing with you all!

Here’s a personal note from our Programs Manager:

Dear 2019 Summer Interns and Volunteers,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness your achievements at the APADRC this summer! Words cannot begin to express how much I appreciate the thousands of minutes of phone calls that each of you made in your process of conducting conciliations. Your patience and professionalism when working on intense and emotionally stressful cases was a constant reminder of the resilience and power we possess when encountering conflict in relationships – whether it’s with businesses, neighbors, landlords, or family, etc.

Moreover, thank you for your detailed case notes enabling your colleagues here at the APADRC to follow up with cases more smoothly and efficiently. Your passion when joining our community outreach programs and your attentiveness to as well as compassion for our clients has left a profound mark on our organization. I hope you all will look back fondly on your time with us and hold dear the laughter and love you brought to our office.

Finally, from language and cultural barriers, to struggles with neutrality, I’ve seen you all grow more capable and confident as you overcame each challenge you faced. I have no doubt that you will all go on to achieve amazing things and make a difference in the world we share together. Good luck, and remember: everything is negotiable.

Forever your supporter,

Christina W. Kataoka
APADRC Manager

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