Free COVID-19 APADRC Online Chinese Personal Development Workshop Series

Fundamentally, we’re all human, which means that we are similar. For example, we all cry when we’re upset, smile when we’re happy, and eat when we feel hungry. Why then, do we sometimes have a hard time getting along?

Presented by the APADRC, “Success in America: the Invisible Rules” is a virtual weekly Chinese workshop series aimed towards helping you break through the “bamboo ceiling” to achieve greater success in the United States. This is a free multi-part self-development program that seeks to illuminate some of the unspoken behavioral expectations that cause cultures to clash. 

If you’ve ever felt like you always seem to be an outsider no matter how hard you try to fit in, this workshop series is for you. RSVP below and prepare yourself for greater chances of success, regardless of whether that’s a higher salary, more popularity, recognition in the workplace, or more amicable personal relations.



由APADRC主办的“成功在美国: 无形的规则”系列 是一个线上的每周一讲的中文公益讲座。该系列讲座旨在帮助在美亚裔突破 “Bamboo Ceiling -竹子天花板”,在美国取得更大的成功。本系列讲座是公益免费的,能够自我提升的学习机会。讲座将会阐明一些容易导致文化冲突产生,却在美国社会中“不言而喻”的社交隐形规则。


Why do some people seem more successful than others? Is it because they’re more popular? Is it because they know the right people and have the right connections? Or, maybe you feel that others are more successful than you because they are smarter or work harder. The question is, what can you do about it? Join us on Monday for the first installment of our series: “Success in America: the Invisible Rules”

为什么有些人似乎比其他人更成功? 是因为他们更受欢迎吗?是因为他们认识合适的人,有好的人脉吗? 又或许你觉得别人比你更成功是因为他们更聪明或工作更努力。问题是,面对这些疑惑你能做什么呢? 加入我们周一开展的《成功美国的隐形规矩》系列线上公益讲座第一讲:《你死我活》

In a nation that emphasizes the “American Dream” and equal opportunity, what does this really mean? How do decisions really get made? Join us on Monday and learn about the significance of both having and not having power! Stay tuned as we discuss power dynamics in various cultural and social settings as well as what it means for your success.

在一个强调“美国梦”和机会平等的国家,这到底意味着什么? 决策究竟是如何做出的? 请在周一加入我们,了解“ 有权和无权的重要性” 吧! 我们将会讨论在各种文化和社会背景下的权力平衡,以及它对你的成功意味着什么,敬请关注!

Is openness really a weakness? In the world of professionalism, how open is too open? Join us as we discuss the issues of being nice and discover the rewards of honest and direct communication! This is a great opportunity to hone your management skills and discover how you can “lead from the middle!” When everyone has an opinion, make your voice count the most!

诚实率真是缺点吗? 在这个专业主义的世界里,什么程度的坦诚会被视为过于直接、开放?坦诚到什么程度就太直接了? 加入我们愉快地讨论这个问题,并一起探索“真诚和直接的沟通方式”能够带来什么好处! 与此同时,你还能开发你 “Lead from the middle – 从夹层中崛起” 的领导能力。当众说纷纭之时,让你的意见和声音变得更为重要和响亮!

In the fourth installment of our online cultural etiquette series: “Success in America: the Invisible Rules”, we bring to you an overview of loyalty and collaboration. In this session, we will be “workshopping’ the concept of conflict management and role-playing some scenarios to create a framework to streamline our decision-making process to help everyone get what they want!


They say you’re only as strong as your weakest link. In a team, everyone matters. But what happens if everyone is equally assertive? Join us today in this session of self-discovery as we delve deeper into the psyche to explore 16 basic personality types and experience how character diversity can lead to a stronger, more successful team! Be prepared to build a framework for empathy!

一个链条的坚固程度取决于它最脆弱的那一环。在一个团队中,每个人都很重要。但如果每个人都坚持自我,那将会发生什么呢? 今天和我们一起参加自我探索的课程,我们将深入探讨16种基本的性格类型,并了解性格多样性是如何带领一个更强大、更成功的团队的! 准备好建立一个同理心的概念吧!

How well do you really listen? Distinguishing between listening from your heart versus your ears can often mean the difference between hearing encouragement or criticism. Coming from a background where negative feedback and reinforcement is the norm, learn to thrive in a positive environment. Join us in our sixth workshop session and learn to turn losses into wins by taking accountability!

你真的懂得如何倾听吗? 若你能不仅用耳倾听更是用心倾听,便能听出那些批评和鼓励话语中的弦外之音。由于负性反馈和消极强化的管理模式是社会常态,学会在积极的环境中茁壮成长尤为重要。加入我们的第六次研讨会,一起学习如何担起责任,逆转失败的局面!

Words matter. They formulate our thoughts and allow us to verbalize our ideas. More significantly, words dictate intention, which permeates our actions. Words we see, speak, and hear have the ability to influence every part of our lives including both how we interact with others, as well as how others view us. Join us in this workshop and learn to be intentional, authentic, and present in your relationships! Become that relatable teammate who is always one step ahead!

言语对我们来说至关重要。其有形化了我们的思想,使我们能够用语言表达我们的想法。更重要的是,语言支配着意图,而意图渗透在我们的一举一动中。我们所看到、说到、听到的话语影响着生活的每一部分,包括我们如何与他人互动,以及他人如何看待我们。加入我们第八讲的公益讲座,学习如何在你的人际关系中呈现出更有意、真实的一面! 成为那个总是领先一步、值得信赖的队友!

In our final workshop of season 1 of our online cultural etiquette series: “Success in America: the Invisible Rules”, we are proud to put it all together and review the progress we have all made through this weekly experience. Join us as we fortify our confidence in our personal identity, discuss our goals, and reflect on the meaning of success! Leave our final chapter refreshed, with a renewed sense of purpose, and ready to take on the world!

在我们的线上文化礼仪系列第一季“成功美国的隐形规矩”的最后一次公益讲座中,我们将把所有系列的知识都总结在一起,回顾我们通过每周所学而取得的进步。加入我们,一起增强对自我身份的肯定,讨论我们的目标,并思考成功的意义! 让我们在最后一课里焕然一新,带着目标重新出发,准备迎接新的挑战吧!

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