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Staffing concerns can be a challenge in this 21st century.

Staff and management are comprised of a variety of peoples with different experiences that are brought to the table for the betterment of a company.

But what happens when that communication between staff starts to break down?

Learn to Reconnect

We at APADRC offer trainings in facilitative dialogues that are designed with the corporate culture in mind.  Finding a way to maintain a harmonious workforce can seem daunting at times. The tools provided in this training will allow companies to understand the needs and interests of their team in order to provide a work environment where the team can thrive.

Working in collaboration with the Human Resources department, we design a program that speaks specifically to your company. Our program is created to provide an informal dialogue to your staff and management that is voluntary and confidential. This environment allows everyone to speak freely and openly about the issues that are of concern. Your team will learn to find solutions to their disputes. 

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