Month: March 2013

Emotions in Conflict

By Randy Rodriguez The following names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved. Emotions played a big part in one of the first cases I opened. The parties, “Michael” and “George” came into conciliation because Michael, a contractor, was not

APADRC 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training Registration

When communication breaks down and conflict arises, how can you address it constructively? What steps can you take to improve your communication and conflict resolution skills? The APADRC is offering a 40-hour Basic Mediation Training with an emphasis on building

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Four Ways to Improve Your Constructive Feedback

Four Ways to Improve Your Constructive Feedback By Jennie Li Giving (and receiving) feedback is an important aspect of developing ourselves personally and professionally. However, it can often be a source of anxiety and contention, especially when presented without tact.

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Little Miss Horsie

I was in seventh grade, sitting behind a desk in a completely new country, and I could not understand why Mr. Leavey kept saying “Horsie.” I had moved to the United States three weeks earlier and I was not ready

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