Month: May 2013

The Simple Things

Sometimes what brings parties together for reconciliation can be found in methods previously thought too simple to be effective, or assumed to be understood already by the parties. In a recent case that I had dealt with, party one, Jessica,

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Mediation Training

Are you looking to begin your career as a mediator? Do you need DRPA-approved training for Los Angeles county? The APADRC is offering a 40-hour Basic Mediation Training with an emphasis on building cross-cultural competency. Open to all members of

Conversity 2013 Recap

The Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center held another successful awards reception and fundraiser on April 17, 2013. People from the community, law firms, corporations and schools all came together to celebrate people who promoted peace and strengthened communities.  Mr.

Finding yourself and your Cause

By Ellen Chen My personal identity as an Asian American has always been a personal struggle for me but it disappeared when my efforts became concentrated on giving back to the community. As an Asian American born in the city