Mediation Services

Conflict is a part of every relationship and community. It is also an opportunity to understand each other better.  Mediation resolves conflict non-violently, using dialogue to foster mutual respect and understanding.

What is Mediation?

“Mediation is a process in which an impartial third party facilitates communication and negotiation, and promotes voluntary decision making by the parties to the dispute.”

– Model Standards of Conduct of Mediators (American Bar Association, American Arbitration Association, Association for Conflict Resolution)

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Benefits of Mediation

  • APADRC mediators are linguistically and culturally competent.  We offer mediation in a variety of languages.
  • You have more control over the process, as clients generate their own solutions.
  • It is faster and less time consuming.  We schedule mediations that fit your availability.
  • Mediations are private and confidential.
  • Telephone conciliation is available if face-to-face mediation is unwanted or impractical.
  • Mediation empowers you with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage future conflicts.

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What kinds of conflicts can we mediate?

The APADRC mediates many different kinds of mediations, including (but not limited to):

  • Family Disputes (couples and marital issues, parent/child conflicts)
  • Divorce mediation (to reach settlement and child custody agreements)
  • Housing (landlord/tenant, neighbor/neighbor)
  • Workplace (wage issues, employer/employee, co-worker disputes)
  • Business (consumer/merchant, debt collection)
  • Seniors (family issues, caretaker/patient)
  • Organizational (within/between organizations)

To see if your case is appropriate for mediation, call the APADRC at (213) 250-8190 or contact us.

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How much does mediation cost?

There is a $25.00 initiation fee. However, the APADRC will never turn a client away for lack of funds, and this fee may be waived.

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How do I start a case?

Call the APADRC at (213) 250-8190 or start a case online.

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About Us

The Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center provides mediation and conflict resolution services to the diverse communities in the Los Angeles region.  Through our mediation services, we offer people an alternative to costly and time-consuming court services.  We also strive to improve human relations and race relations by addressing complex, cross-cultural community conflicts and their root causes through collaboration with community partners.  We are dedicated to serving traditionally under-served and underrepresented people in order to ensure equal access for all.

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