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When Cultures Smash

By Zachary Everson The treetops along the west coast of Japan had already long-since begun the cascade of harvest hues, yet my friend and I still had not reserved a location for our English-speaking community’s annual late-autumn pitch-in dinner. We

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Four Ways to Improve Your Constructive Feedback

Four Ways to Improve Your Constructive Feedback By Jennie Li Giving (and receiving) feedback is an important aspect of developing ourselves personally and professionally. However, it can often be a source of anxiety and contention, especially when presented without tact.

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How To Apologize When It’s Not Your Fault

By Claire Doran “I didn’t do anything! Why should I apologize?”  These words have fallen from the mouths of grumpy children across the world.  Apologies are extracted from us, unwillingly, by teachers or parents who want to gloss over conflicts,

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Cultural Issues in Mediation Workshop

“Diversity is the collective mixture of similarities and differences” – Roosevelt Thomas by Warren Chan, APADRC Conflict Resolution Specialist As an intern mediator at APADRC, we often learn about others, but how often do we learn about ourselves? The Cultural Issues

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