Introducing our 2013 Summer Interns

by Dominik Onate

We’re so excited to have our new team of conflict resolution specialists. Joining us this summer in the Community & Intergroup Conflicts program are Nick (Mandarin), Peter (Korean), Sharon (Korean), Grace (Korean), Mei (Cantonese), Andy (Mandarin), Joann (Mandarin/Cantonese), Cinthya (Spanish), Livvie (Spanish), and Long (Vietnamese). For our Peace Makers & Mediators program, we’re excited to have Kim Navoa join us from Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. (LEAP). These summer interns come from schools all the way from Oberlin College in Ohio to the University of San Diego School of Law.

For the next several months, they will be the voice of the APADRC community program. Having gone through our 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training, they are now actively taking client calls, performing intakes, and managing cases. They are also helping us outreach to all of our different communities from the San Gabriel Valley all the way to Orange County. They are making their presence known, and their enthusiasm and energy for working with our communities are infectious. They have fast become the heart of our summer program. Please join us in welcoming them and supporting their growth in building peace within our communities.

For those interested in interning or volunteering with us, our next 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training is coming up in September. A combination of online classes, in-person sessions, and coached role plays, the APADRC basic mediation training is a new and innovative way of learning about conflict resolution and developing advanced communication skills. Look out for our flyer in the newsletter!

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