Introducing Our Fall Interns!

by Hansol Choi, Conflict Mediation Specialist

We are very excited to introduce our new multi-lingual team of Conflict Resolution Specialists this fall as a part of our Community& Intergroup Conflicts Program. Joining us are David (Portugese/ Spanish), Yuxi (Mandarin/Cantonese), Hosoo (Korean), Ana Valeria (Spanish), Harrison (Korean), Sakie (Japanese), Andy (Mandarin), Hansol (Korean), Kantong (Cantonese/Mandarin), Karina (Spanish), and Vivian (Cantonese). This diverse group of interns has come from all across the country; represented are recent graduates from UCLA School of Law, UC Davis School of Law, USC Gould School of Law, and Northwestern University School of Law. Some are still pursuing their graduate degrees, while others are already involved in legal communities in the area, and all bring with them a rich insight into the cultural backgrounds of many different areas around the world, including Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Scotland, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Shanghai.


Having completed their 40-Hour Mediation Training, our interns have hit the ground running, actively engaging in client phone calls, performing intakes, and leading cases on their own, as they practice and refine their mediation and conciliation skills. Their diverse lingual backgrounds help to act as a bridge and provide a platform for connection to clientele from the greater Los Angeles area with a focus in the San Gabriel Valley. As many of the disputants do not speak English as their primary language, the language skills and cultural knowledge of these interns are invaluable to the strengthening and growth of our program. Thus, it is with great appreciation and excitement as we welcome the new interns to kick off this next season.


For those interested in interning or volunteering with us, our next 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training is coming up in January 2015. With a combination of online classes, in-person sessions, and coached role plays, the APADRC basic mediation training is a new and innovative way of learning about conflict resolution and developing advanced communication skills. Look out for our flyer in the next newsletter!

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