Letter to the Museum of Tolerance

Karen’s Letter

Dear Museum of Tolerance,

Thank you so much for giving my peers and I the opportunity to be able to go and learn more about so many issues in society that have occurred not only in the past, but that are still going on today. I am truly grateful to have been able to attend your museum and to have been able to learn life changing and eye opening lessons.20030722145726

At your museum I learned that in order for us as a society to be heard we need to speak up and make ourselves be heard. I also learned that we can do that by using our words instead of turning to violence. I was able to learn that even though we as humans have our differences, we should never be too quick to judge someone because of the way the look or because of what they believe in because at the end of the day we realize that we are all going to have our own opinions and we all have to respect what others around us choose to believe in as well. I would also like to thank your museum for informing me a lot more about the holocaust and how it actually took place. Even though some things that I learned were a bit disturbing I am grateful that I was able to see them because it is important to know the truth about what took place during the holocaust, since it was one of the most racial events that occurred in our history.

When our group went into “the Point of View Diner” I was shocked to learn that some of my peers still witness or encounter bullying around them. I was also shocked when I learned that many people of all ages have turned to committing suicide as a solution. This activity made me realize how important bullying is and how we as a society needs to come together to bring bullying to an end.

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I hope to take the experiences that I had from your museum with me by being more opened minded about what others choose to believe in and not judge them because of that. I also want to take my experiences with me to help better the society and pass the message on that it is important for us to speak up whenever we see that there are injustices being made in our society.

Once again I would like to thank your museum very much for giving my peers and I a tour of the museum and for allowing us to have new experiences and learn new things. I am truly grateful and I can honestly say that I was able to learn life changing lessons from the tour that I will take to help make the world a freer and better place to live in. Thank You so much!!!




Karen Hernandez


Letter from Samantha

“I had always read and learned about the Holocaust, but by experiencing it through the Museum of Tolerance, it felt more real and had a much deeper physical impact. My favorite moment was meeting the Holocaust survivor.

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Seeing her in person and hearing her tell her story left me and my normally chatty classmate
speechless. To meet someone who appeared so small and fragile who had actually survived through the Holocaust was an experience of a lifetime. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit the Museum of Tolerance.
Being a Peer Mediator, I have been taught to promote peace inside University Senior High School, but with this added experience I feel we can expand it to the world. Thank you for this life changing experience. “
Samantha Elms, Peer Mediator
University Senior High School
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