The 12th Annual Conversity Award Reception and Fundraiser

Get ready for the APADRC”s 12th Annual Conversity Awards!

Each year, Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center (APADRC) holds an annual fundraising event called Conversity to raise funds to sustain our organization and continue offering free to low-cost mediation services in the communities and schools. As a small nonprofit focused solely on conflict resolution, this fundraiser is significant to our annual budget.

Although society may still not utilize mediation often, they are concerned about what causes the need for mediation, namely conflicts between people that can cause major psychological stress, physical violence including gun violence. By the time someone has been shot to death or had their property severely vandalized, the situation has already gone beyond the point of no return. However, if the conflict had been referred to a local community mediation center, maybe the disputants would have been guided by a skilled mediator that would have helped them communicate their needs in order to find a fair resolution. People often resort to desperate acts because they feel that they’re not being heard and that they have been treated unfairly with no recourse to achieve justice.  If mediation is used more frequently and earlier in the conflict, there might be fewer shootings like the ones that are now in the news every day.

APADRC is unique because of its language capacity in Asian languages as well as English and Spanish. We also have had a long history of working in schools with large African American and Latino student populations. We embrace diversity and cultures. Our vision is to help people of diverse cultures understand each other and see the commonality that we all share.

We hope you will join us on April 17th to celebrate the individuals that will receive awards for having done great work in the community. Come and share our vision and become a supporter of peace.

On our website homepage, you will see a link to Conversity that will have pictures of past events and information on how you can buy a ticket or sponsor the event.

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