Welcome to our New Community Mediators!

Having just gone through our 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training, we’re so excited to have our new group of conflict resolution specialists. Joining us this Fall in the Community & Intergroup Conflicts program are Scott (Mandarin), Sharon (Korean), Julie (Korean),Fanny (Cantonese), Andrew (Mandarin), Jenny (Mandarin/Cantonese), Francy (Spanish), Valeria (Spanish), Lactan (Vietnamese), Rini (Hindi), Miyoko (Japanese), and Leowil (Mandarin, Tagalog, Spanish). Our interns are coming from various states and schools from across the country. Coming from different backgrounds, they are a collection of students, lawyers, and experienced professional mediators but all of them are enthusiastic about community mediation.

These interns perform a special and unique facilitation/ conciliation/ mediation service to the greater Los Angeles community. Without the services of these hard-working individuals, many members of the Los Angeles community, many of which only speak their native language, would find it hard to engage with each other. By undertaking the role of a conflict resolution specialist, our interns not only help solve conflicts in the Los Angeles community by taking client calls, performing intakes, and managing cases, but also hope to create an even greater impact in the community. Such impact revolves around participating in community outreach programs. This circle of influence has spread to neighborhoods from the San Gabriel Valley all the way down south to Orange County. None of this could be possible without the vigor and energy our interns bring to the center. Thus, it is with great appreciation for their efforts that we at the APADRC warmly welcome our fall interns and volunteers.

For those interested in interning or volunteering with us, our next 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training is coming up in January 2014. With a combination of online classes, in-person sessions, and coached role plays, the APADRC basic mediation training is a new and innovative way of learning about conflict resolution and developing advanced communication skills. Look out for our flyer in the next newsletter!

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