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Facing the “Chinese Face Issue”

By Xi Cao PART I Being Chinese and also a mediator, after taking a number of mediation cases related to the Chinese community, I dread thinking of how a multi-cultural mediator, like me, would have fared in a more comprehensive

When Cultures Smash

By Zachary Everson The treetops along the west coast of Japan had already long-since begun the cascade of harvest hues, yet my friend and I still had not reserved a location for our English-speaking community’s annual late-autumn pitch-in dinner. We

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When an Irresistible Force Meets an Immovable Object

by Hansol Choi We have all been there before: we are in what initially begins as a friendly discourse with someone when all of a sudden, we find ourselves in the heat of an impasse about a disagreement that seems

As a Law Student

Jacob Yum Conflict Mediation Specialist As a law student, I initially wanted to work at the APADRC because I believed it would greatly enhance my ability to properly resolve conflicts while providing an avenue for me to utilize my skills

The Hague Abduction Convention Goes into Force in Japan: The APADRC Divorce Mediation Program and Community Education

Huge Issue between the U.S. and Japan International parental child abduction is on the rise all over the world, as international marriages are rapidly increasing. For years, child abduction from the United States to Japan has been a huge issue,

Restorative Justice in Action: PART 2

by Sean Dwyer, Assistant Program Director So we enter into the next phase of the Restorative Justice process, as much in a given case as in the program’s implementation in general. In the first official RJ case, we have continued

Preservation and Reparation of Relationships through Mediation

by Karina Cordero, Conflict Mediation Specialist Alternative methods of conflict resolution, such as mediation, have grown in popularity in recent years due to their low cost and less time consuming solutions as compared to the traditional court system. However, during

Restorative Justice in Action

by Sean Dwyer, Assistant Program Director Communicating is a necessary practice whenever human beings engage in any kind of social activities. Planning ahead, carrying out the activity and evaluating how it went afterwards remain at best imaginings if they do not at

Challenges in Mediation: David’s Case Experience

David Birch Having recently graduated law school, my perception of the world and the various circumstances within it has changed. Before sitting the New York bar in February I have accepted a position as a conflict resolution specialist (mediator) at

Introducing Our Fall Interns!

by Hansol Choi, Conflict Mediation Specialist We are very excited to introduce our new multi-lingual team of Conflict Resolution Specialists this fall as a part of our Community& Intergroup Conflicts Program. Joining us are David (Portugese/ Spanish), Yuxi (Mandarin/Cantonese), Hosoo (Korean),