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Childcare for All Family Field Day!

June 26 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

We need universal childcare in Los Angeles! Join us at Woodbine park for food, games, and fun to learn more about our campaign for quality childcare that provides unionized, well-paying jobs. All ages are welcome and encouraged to join us for a fun day in the sun! 

Join the Childcare for All campaign for a family field day on Sunday, June 26 2-4PM at Woodbine Park. At this event, we’ll have tasty food, fun games, a custom Childcare for All coloring page, and everyone will have a chance to learn more about the urgent campaign for universal childcare in Los Angeles!

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More about the campaign:

🌹 Childcare For All 🌹

Universal Childcare will provide play-based childcare to every worker in Los Angeles County, and ensure childcare jobs are public and unionized!

Who needs Universal Childcare?


Universal childcare levels income inequality in the long term, and it provides the option for all children to have regular meals and clean, safe facilities where they can play, interact with others, learn, and grow in healthy, wholesome, and developmentally appropriate ways.


In most families, both parents work, and childcare is a necessity. Only 14% of Los Angeles infants are covered under current subsidies for childcare and 41% of all preschoolers. Working families can expect to pay a third of their annual household paycheck on child care alone. Parents deserve a sustainable and publicly-funded option for childcare!

Childcare Workers!

Childcare workers and early childhood educators often work in substandard conditions, are paid a median wage of $23,760, and receive few to no benefits or workplace protections. Childcare providers deserve well-paying, union government jobs with full benefits and protections!

All Working People!

Childcare is so expensive that some people delay or forgo having a family. Just like public education, we shouldn’t be paying out of pocket for something that is essential to our children and society! We need universal childcare just like we need to continue funding public education, so everyone can grow, learn, and flourish.

Interested in joining the fight? Contact childcare4all@dsa-la.org to find out how.


Childcare For All


3409 Vinton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034


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