Year: 2013

Bridging Cultural and Generational Conflicts in Mediation

One morning, a Chinese single mother called the DRC. The first thing she asked us was if we could kick her daughter out of the house. I heard this and I felt what she said was very strange. Why did

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Letter to the Museum of Tolerance

Karen’s Letter Dear Museum of Tolerance, Thank you so much for giving my peers and I the opportunity to be able to go and learn more about so many issues in society that have occurred not only in the past,

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Client Story: Mediating Landlords and Tenants

Mediating Landlords and Tenants           Landlord-tenant cases are some of the most frequent cases that come across the desks of the mediators of the APADRC—they also represent one of the most challenging subset of cases to

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Go See “Linsanity”

So last night, a few of us at the APADRC went to go see the documentary “Linsanity”. Suffice it to say, if you are looking for a groundbreaking, innovative work of cinema, this documentary is not for you. But if

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Welcome to our New Community Mediators!

Having just gone through our 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training, we’re so excited to have our new group of conflict resolution specialists. Joining us this Fall in the Community & Intergroup Conflicts program are Scott (Mandarin), Sharon (Korean), Julie (Korean),Fanny (Cantonese),

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In the Spotlight: Stephanie Ticas

My name is Stephanie Ticas, and I am a Peer Mediator coordinator at King Drew Magnet High school through the Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center. I recently received my BA in criminal justice hoping to become a youth probation

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Building a More Peace’able’ World

Mediation is addictive. As those of us in the field know, its power and impact cross cultures and professions. And, we, the people who mediate, facilitate, or are in other ways involved in peace building, are obsessed, determined and hungry

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Action Steps Resources

Presented at Moment for Community Dialogue and Action: Coming Together Across Difference to Make Change August 21, 2013   National Economic Black Out – Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Justice for Trayvon Martin, Los Angeles asks for all people to join

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Struggle with Love

by Kim Navoa (We have been fortunate at the APADRC to have Kim as a summer intern through LEAP’s Leadership in Action program. She has spent the last two months researching and developing a curriculum for our peer mediation program,

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The Mediator’s Perspective: An Interview of First-Time Mediators

by Dominik Onate, Program Director This July, Conflict Resolution Specialists Long Hoang and Nick Loh conducted their first in-person mediation. Both were trained through the APADRC’s 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training last June. We caught up with them after the mediation

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