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Mediation, from a Mental Health Perspective.

Darin Witkovic Unlike the majority of the volunteers at the APADRC, I am not an aspiring lawyer or law student. In fact, I would have never discovered the organization if I hadn’t been looking over resumes at my current place

Imbalance in Power Dynamic

by Katherine Pham Conflict Resolution Specialist The APADRC has a strong sense of community, in that individuals who have sought help from us in the past have known that they can rely on us to help them in the future

Restorative Justice Outreach Activities!

by Sean Dwyer Assistant Program Director What a day I had on Thursday July 24, 2014! As a reasonable addition to my bike and my bus pass, I got a Zip Car account, so I could zip, as they say,

Restorative Justice in the Community

Restorative Justice in the Community by Sean Dwyer, Assistant Program Director It is nearly impossible to imagine a positive experience in the prison system. There is always the possibility of reading many books, working out, perhaps even taking school courses,

Leading A Successful Mediation: Tips

Daniel Cheung Volunteer Mediator A successful mediation will often leave you feeling accomplished because you’ve saved your parties’ from wasting time, money, and having a headache. However, leading a successful mediation will not always be easy as each case has

Letter to the Museum of Tolerance

Karen’s Letter Dear Museum of Tolerance, Thank you so much for giving my peers and I the opportunity to be able to go and learn more about so many issues in society that have occurred not only in the past,

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Client Story: Mediating Landlords and Tenants

Mediating Landlords and Tenants           Landlord-tenant cases are some of the most frequent cases that come across the desks of the mediators of the APADRC—they also represent one of the most challenging subset of cases to

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Go See “Linsanity”

So last night, a few of us at the APADRC went to go see the documentary “Linsanity”. Suffice it to say, if you are looking for a groundbreaking, innovative work of cinema, this documentary is not for you. But if

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Welcome to our New Community Mediators!

Having just gone through our 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training, we’re so excited to have our new group of conflict resolution specialists. Joining us this Fall in the Community & Intergroup Conflicts program are Scott (Mandarin), Sharon (Korean), Julie (Korean),Fanny (Cantonese),

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In the Spotlight: Stephanie Ticas

My name is Stephanie Ticas, and I am a Peer Mediator coordinator at King Drew Magnet High school through the Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center. I recently received my BA in criminal justice hoping to become a youth probation

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